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What do you use?

Many people ask me "What do you use ....?" To save time, note taking, etc., this page is where I list the websites for things that I have found very useful for my own personal health, and sometimes that of our cows!  I have no financial connection with them, but have personal experience with all of them, some for many years.  It's my way to share more information about keeping ourselves healthy without adding a toxic burden to an already overloaded system!

Some sites are for healthy foods, healing products or devices, emotional health, or just sites that over the years I have come to trust the integrity of the information on the site.  After all, as much of my life these days is about Raw Dairy, there are many other things I am involved with, or use on an almost daily basis to keep myself as healthy as possible.  


Nourishing Traditions

Most people come across the Nourishing Traditions book and love it, not knowing that the CD's are even better to start with, then they appreciate the book even more!  Can't recommend it highly enough.  While it's a lot of "listening time," if you're interested in having good health, especially healthy children, this set will change your life!  I suggest it as a great "New Baby" gift, "Get Well" gift, "New Home," etc. 

They have many other awesome items for purchase at their website, too.  Can you tell I LOVE this information source???



Enery Cell Mug

For those of you who want to know where I got my "Magic Cup," click on it, and you'll go to the website where I bought it.  This is one of my very favorites.  I use it every day, for many things.  Anything that's not especially good for me (like candy, sugar of any kind, my daily Starbuck's, etc) goes in the cup for a few minutes first.  I have been using items from this site for many years.  I also use the Boo-Boo pad/coaster under my plate when I eat cooked food, and for pain relief.   Many uses you can read about at the website.

Fruits Mary Maio  is a really cool lady who delivers organic fruits and vegetables to your door.  As much as possible, she gets locally grown food, and her prices are close to conventionally grown.  She started her business two years ago after having a number of family, friends and a pet die of cancer in one year.  Knowing that the underlying cause of many diseases was nutritionally based, she decided to do something about it, and thus Organically Grown For You was born. Unfortunately, it's Arizona only.



I stumbled upon Canadian Chris Gupta's website a couple of years ago. The following  paragraph from his home page gives you an idea of who he is.  He has his finger on the pulse of many things going on in our world that we should know about.  Someone I read regularly.


"An individual who wants to be self sufficient in all aspects of life and help/educate others become self sufficient also. I especially like the comment "That a person is only as valuable as they are of help to others." I really appreciate efforts by all who are able to take themselves away from commercial only aspects of life. Hence this site in alternative medicine and energy."



I have been using Dr. Lytle's Low Level Lasers for many years now.  In fact, I use them daily for many things, for myself and others -- even the cows at the Dairy.  Although not inexpensive, I consider it the most useful portable healing tool I own, and I never travel without one in my bag.  Just about anyone who knows me has had it used on them at one time or another, for headaches, elbow pain., etc, etc.  Even my grandchildren use it; I tell them "Just put it where it hurts."










This is a website I read daily!  Mike Adams is someone I greatly admire.  He has tremendous integrity, knowledge and intelligence and never backs off from "telling it like it is."  Although I totally disagree with his stance on Dairy, I send many people to his website for other great information, and have some of his writings in our "Lending Library" at the Dairy.  One of my very favorites is a free e-book, The Ten Most Important Technologies for Humanity."

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