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Raw Milk Builds Better Bodies

In order for children to fully bloom into healthy adults they need a variety of nutrient dense foods. One of the better foods is milk in its various forms.

Milk can be consumed warm, cold, fermented and made into curds, whey and cheese.

According to Dr. Ron Schmid,

"Many researchers have reported on the actual effects of raw versus pasteurized milk in both human beings and animals. A study of the growth of Scottish school children was published in Nutrition Abstracts and Reviews in 1931.

Children drinking raw milk had a significantly greater increase in height and weight compared to those drinking pasteurized milk. . . .pasteurized milk was only 66 percent as effective as the raw milk in the case of boys and 91 percent as effective in the case of girls in inducing increases in weight; and 50 percent as effective in boys and 70 percent as effective in girls in bringing about increases in height."

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